Monday, January 29, 2018

Independent Project Reflection

     For this school years independent project, I decided to do mine on dentistry. Primarily the jobs, what they are, how you become apart of the field, etc. I also had to touch base about the anatomy of the tooth because without that knowledge my audience wouldn't have understood half the stuff I was saying. I did this in a simple google slide presentation, which I will put down below.
     With my project, my favorite part was when I got to talk about the different kinds of dentistry. There are about 8 or 9 main ones and I mentioned them all, but just talked about a few of the most popular ones. The hardest part of this project was just trying to stay into it. I am one of those people that if you tell me to talk about something, I will do it with as much passion and "explanation" as I can to make it sound believable. I really tried to not let this happen with my project, but it really was hard to just get into, keep going with the facts, and to finally finish it.
     As well, doing this project has taught me about how I can't procrastinate as much with important and big projects. Yes, I did mean to say "as much". I am a believer that procrastinating spurts creativity and that is an important thing for students, for me, to grow as a student. If I got to redo this project, I totally would. I am not proud of my project. Since my presentation was more of a speech, I would change that into a more engaging form of presenting such as a Prezi or a video. I would also change the amount of facts I got. I had about 130, and that is way to little when you are trying to become an expert on your topic. I would look at more sources and more articles to get a more rounded understanding of it all. I would have incorporated the interview I had with Dr. Gleason, instead of using as simple factual. The order of my speech I would have changed, and I would have changed the fact that I didn't practice my presentation aloud. There are lots of different things I would love to change, not only for my grade, but for myself. I am one to want everything I do to be well done and done proudly and I really think my project has portrayed neither.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Thee Word

      This year, I want things to be different. I want to take better control of my life and relationships. My 2017 was very rough on me. In 2016, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the middle of December so my 2017 consisted of me trying to get regulated, trying to stay healthy, and trying to create good habits to keep me healthy the rest of my life. Meanwhile, trying to play basketball, softball, cross-country, track, and volleyball and then having school, homework and random can't get out of throughout the months. My 2017 was busy, nerve racking, and quite depressing. I was always feeling off.
        2018 is my chance to take control of my life and my relationships with the things I love. I chose a word to remind me of this goal and it is "peace". Immediately when I think of this word I think of tranquility; calm. I need to stop worrying so much and let things go. I also think of sleep. Last year, my sleeping habits were poor, mostly not my fault, but there were still quite a few nights were I was up reading or drawing. I have one last reason that sounds kind of dumb, but I also want to come off not as intimidating. I have an RBF, but I also have a tendency to call people out when I don't like something they are doing. I don't over do this, I know the situation if it is okay for me to do it or not, but still. If someone called you out, wouldn't you be slightly scared to "mess up" in front of them again? Exactly.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


The differences and similarities between the book and the movie of "To Kill a Mockingbird" are very big things and very little things. Some differences I didn't like were the scenes cut out of the movie! They got rid of many important stories that build the children's characteristics that made them who they are. Those scenes they got rid of were some of our favorite chapters in the book and with our knowledge of the book already it totally ruined the movie. At least for me. I am all for old things, but this movie doesn't make the cut. I also think that they didn't portray Scout as they were supposed to. The way Harper Lee wrote her book, Scout and some other characters were shown as more rugged or cleaner and simple things like hair color were changed. Just saying, characters are who we come to love and the people in the movie were nothing but imposters. The only thing I really want to change would have all the scenes in the movie correctly and in order. I don't care if it makes it a five-hour movie. If you are going to make a movie mind as well do it right. As John Wooden once said,
Image result for if you don't do it right the first time when will you have time?
I would also change the characters to be exactly as they are supposed to be in the book. Hair, clothing, cleanliness, etc. Besides the characters, the movie is a lot as I thought it would be. Black and white, thoughtful, truthful, and delicate, yet a sturdy composition to make it a winner for Golden Globes and Academy Awards.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

"Talk less, say more." This quote by Vermont Proverbs is definitely one of my favorites. What I think that it means is that actions speak louder than words. That you need to think before you speak. Before you go off to speak your opinion, stop, think, and then say what you were going to say, or since you stopped to understand you can stay quiet and listen to what the speaker has to say. You may find out that you misunderstood what they were saying or you learned something new.

I think that the proverb "finders keepers; losers weepers" is just a dum thing people want to say when they are jealous of what someone else has, so they take it away from them. Maybe they didn't take it away from them intentionally, but then once they find out they won't give it back. Say you lost a one of a kind sweatshirt. Someone else finds it and adores it (just like you do). They look in the tag and find a name. YOUR name. They, then, cut it out. Couple minutes later, you see them wearing your sweatshirt! You instantly get agitated and start interrogating them about the sweatshirt. They will not give it up so you finally confront them; they say the phrase "finders keepers; losers weepers." How does that make you feel? It makes me feel dumb, pathetic, agitated, and just plain sad. Don't be the person to pull this idiotic stunt.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Delaney Breen Words of Wisdom Presentation

  What I have learned from this project is that everyone is different. Everyone has their own ideas and past experiences that help create who they are. I knew that everyone is different, but I never took it to this level. I enjoyed this project very much.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

National History Day

      Hannah, Hailey, and I, did a website on Lewis W. Hine. Lewis is the man who changed the ways of child labor, taking a stand in history. This is the website we worked on for this topic; What I like most about this project is that I got to work with some of my best friends. I don't usually get to work with them, and I don't usually get the time to do big projects like this, both of which I like.
      A few things I thought were interesting about Lewis was that he had the courage to stand up for what he thought was right. It's unusual to see that now. As well as, how he got into those places. He faked jobs, such as being a janitor, to get those pictures! That is pure bravery and courage if you ask me.
      Something you could say I would want to do better, or things that were just hard about this project was getting the facts. Most of our facts were inside pictures. It's very difficult to make a whole website made of pictures. Not everyone can tell what your saying by looking at a picture, but that is just the way they learn. Everyone learns differently.
      I improved as a student by working on my fact taking skills, observing pictures and what they mean, and being able to work in a group of friends. I have never been amazing at fact taking, but because of this project I am able to take better quality facts and more of them. With observing pictures I have become more skilled, and I will be able to make better predictions on images I see. Also, in the past, I never got to work with people I enjoyed working with. That's just how elementary school goes. I never minded that, I just wish I got to work with a bunch of smart girls.
      If I got to change anything with this project it would have to be that I simply just want more on the website. More facts, pictures, a video maybe. The more the merrier, right? I feel like our group should have found more facts to support our pictures a little more, and since Lewis Hine told his story through pictures, we should have recreated his story the same. I would also like to change our communication skills, because there was a lot of confusion with who would do what, when people would do things, etc.
      Even with that said, I am still very proud of what we got done on our website. Especially, how we set up our website. We had a lot of design, a good theme, it was organized, and it was easy to read/go through. I'm proud of how I got the website working, and how I learned about how to work certain areas, such as buttons to go to another page.
     This project on Lewis W. Hine relates to this year's theme; taking a stand in history, because Lewis stood up for what he believed in- taking a stand, for the future of child labor- in history. He changed the ways of working probably forever, and has impacted society greatly.
      For future kids that are going to go through National History Day I have one suggestion. The suggestion I have for you is to organize your time. Time organization is almost how you could be graded on this project. I guarantee you if you don't have time management you won't finish, or it will look sloppy and something your not proud of in the end. I would think that whatever people are doing they should be proud of what they are doing. You guys probably have heard this same concept a bunch of times, but it is important and you take this advice.